Double Bubble Lamp M - Design Eero Aarnio

The Double Bubble lamp is a distinctive masterpiece designed by the celebrated Finnish designer Eero Aarnio

Double Bubble, or Tupla Kupla in Finnish, was initially created from blown glass but was ultimately cast in plastic to ensure durability and uniform colour of light. This modern lamp was first presented in 2003 at an exhibition celebrating Eero Aarnio’s career of 50 years.

The Double Bubble lamp lights up a modern home or draws attention in a more traditional interior. It is available in three sizes; as a table lamp (small / medium) and as a magnificent floor lamp. 

To light up evenly and smoothly its curvy shape, Double Bubble is fitted with three LED light sources: one in each bubble and one in the leg. We recently modified this product for 110VAC and got the UL listing for it to make it legal for USA market.

The Double Bubble light is only available in North America through this web store and at some prestige Design Product Shops authorized by Kinos Design Concepts.

  • Double Bubble M - 20" tall
  • Three E12 type LED lamps, included
  • Made in Finland

Design from Finland

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